Andrew 2016 sm

Andrew Piper


Passionate about brand building, masterbrand and typography, Andrew’s talent is using design to unlock the potential of a brand and bring it to life; in crowded and complex categories. Andrew has built his career with a focus on successful collaboration: “integrated teams across different disciplines of the project, working together to understand who the brand is targeting and what it takes to reach them.”

Ninu 2016 sm

Ninu Huddlestone


Creative thinker with a strategic mind-set, Ninu is responsible for the delivery of creative output across a diverse portfolio of brands from Rare’s London studio. Ninu is driven by the opportunity to work with new clients on brand and innovation projects. As a successful leader and mentor, she harnesses the imagination and creativity of talented teams, that deliver commercial success for brands.

James 2016 sm

James Hirst


James develops the commercial and strategic vision for Rare, shaping the unique offer of design-led innovation and creativity for brands and ensuring design sits at the heart of our clients brand building and innovation agenda. James has a passion for developing sustainable, long lasting client and agency relationships based on great work, partnership and a mutual respect.